MeldedMedia is a blending of several  New Media sites, along with a few other sites, in order to combine resources and information.  Some will say that we only print bad things and negative things.  Partially true, however, we print true things, and these stories are heavily documented and researched.

Even though we may publish some negative information, that does not negate the fact that we may think whatever the object of our attention is a good thing and has some great qualities.  What our beef boils down to is the many embellishments of all the wonderful effects that these events or entities bring to the community.

Is it too much to ask that the citizens should be able to trust and believe their leaders?    And people are tired of seeing money wasted without questioning where it’s going and what the return on the investment will be.

Times are tough, and there’s already enough anger and frustration without the leadership blowing smoke and spinning half-truths.  People are angry and people are tired.

We’re somewhere in between!  Like, Melded.